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Van Modular Seating, Smart Floor Solution by AMF-Bruns A solution for captains chairs in vans.

Updated: Oct 19

Super Safe and Flexible

We get a lot of questions about this flooring as its not totally clear searching on the web details on the flooring. It is special as it is a well proved crash tested floor/seating solution that allows very flexibly placement of seats manufactured by AMF-Bruns. This flooring is made of extruded aluminum pieces that fit together with channels and pins and has L track that is certified for seat mounting integrated into the floor and secured with recessed bolts. It is custom made. The spacing of each L track is specified with a custom order. Typically 4, 6, or 8 track combinations are used. 4 track, give you ability to run seats down each side (front/back) of the van with a pass through the middle of the seat. 6 track can allow you to position captains chairs down sides AND middle of the van front to back. 8 track if positioned correctly can allow you to position 3 captains chairs in each row, as well as a bench seat/sofa combination that can be positioned (front/back) anywhere on the track. Each L track increasing pricing on the flooring. This flooring is available for Transit as well as Sprinter models.

L Track Spacing

It is super important the L track spacing is ordered for the seat mounts to be used specifically made by AMF-Bruns otherwise the seats you have may not work. This floor is only available through authorized installers/dealers. It is not available to general public for DIY install.


There is a wide variety of seats available in different price ranges with two seat bases available. They are very comfortable and come in different widths, cushions, and features. They all need AMF-Bruns seat bases. Quick release mounts with wheels (standard) and Swivel Seat bases with release mounts/knobs that are considerably more cost. You have to use these seat bases that are made specifically for their seats. They have several seats available. A compact RV seat that folds forward flat and has cup holders and leans slightly back, Comfort Seats that are larger and slightly recline (like a coach class seat on an air plane), and even adapter to fit Orthopedic Scheel-Mann seats if you want a seat that is more like a sports seat. Seats generally run 2-4k each depending on type and seat base option. They assemble very easily and mounting in/out of floor is super fast.

Examples of seat position options and even a custom table option


The floor is designed to be glued down to a clean prepped metal floor using special glue and primer. Its secured by bolts as well in front/back of flooring. It is a two person job and generally takes a full day for prep and install of the floor itself and another day or so to finish trim, install flooring to cover aluminum floor, and cutting factory van trim as needed to fit. The floor does not come with any floor covering its bare metal. They do not come with edge trim, that can be purchased separately or custom made as the edges are raw aluminum that needs to be covered due to the sharp edges. This is a certified crash tested mounting system. Its been used for many years for mobility applications and has become popular for vans that do not have seating from factory. Once this floor is down it cannot be removed. You cannot have thick walls, so if your van is built, this floor may not work. Factory OEM walls are ok or walls 1/8 thick are ok, but they need to be removed ideally for installation. This floor as well raises the floor about an inch over stock, so that can greatly complicate build issues if the van is already built.


So all of this tech isn't cheap as you would expect. Flooring installed can range from 7-12k just for the floor depending on tracks, floor covering, insulation, additional labor for install, location of installer...figure a complete system with a few seats would cost between 10-20k. Van has to be empty, floor has to be clean to the paint. Price can vary based on many factors with those variables greatly depend on labor involved and materials costs. (Aluminum costs for example over past 3 years increased by 200%)

End Result

Superior unlimited seat and seat placement options, van is considerably quieter, and you have multiple positions to mount accessories and gear down on your floor. Its the ultimate solution for those wanting a high end seating/floor solution.

Pic examples of our Demo Van for sale:

Link to video explaining layouts

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