Modular Sinks and Kitchettes
 Finding no good plug and play campervan sinks we have searched far and wide for a solution that requires minimal installation for a DIYer. We found it. These kitchenettes and sinks are ultra compact, ultra light, designed to be bolted in floor- all in one. No plumbing, no assembly, no finding parts to put them together. PLUG AND PLAY. FITS ANYWHERE.  We as well do full size kitchenttes as well. The cost difference is double compared to traditional custom made kitchettes, however those are much larger and not removable or modular. 

These small kitchettes and sinks fit almost anywhere or a great option for DIYer ~$1600-1900

large kitchette.jpg

This is a larger kitchette with a bult in fridge and sink ~$3500-4500