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What is a basic weekender?

Weekender builds are focused on transforming your van into a glam camping experience while still keeping you van a van.



We make it quieter, cooler, and warmer by adding sound deadener and insulation greatly improving the comfort in the van. Your AC and heater as well work much better.  With hot interiors we add vented windows to pull cool air in and a fan to get hot air out. A auxillary battery system charged by your alternator and/or solar enables you to run you fan, LED lights, heater, laptops, and phones without draining your starter battery because a dead starter battery is no fun on a trip.  Solar extends the power in the battery so you can run a fridge multiple days without running your car. We run this through an isolated electrical system and panel that is totally separated from your factory system.

BED- its what makes it a camper!

What makes a camper? A bed, we offer all types of beds all with different advantages and disadvantages in designs. All of them modular in some way from fixed to adjustable heights some with built in storage. We can offer modular interior designs with bed and upper storage if needed that is removable as well. A weekender has a flexible interior, that is what makes it a weekender extending the vans use range.

For families of four we offer solutions for high roofs that store your gear, offer two sleep areas, or get you the optimal solution a Pop Top on a lwo or high roof van.

You need a place to hang out and eat without moving all your stuff around right? We offer a seating/table solution ideal for families with our Lagun table system and swivel seats. If you have swivel seats you need this solution. Superior to a rear seating sofa/sleep for families or those with lots of gear.


Lastly we can even fit a sink or kitchenette in very small spaces that is removable and ultra compact with our super easy set up DIY kitchenettes and sinks that run off of a 1lb propane bottle and a 12v cigarette lighter plug. These have built in water tanks for clean and grey water.

Hot Water and Bathrooms

We do not do integrated hot water systems, these are costly and more for a fully built van rather than a weekender easily costing upwards of 5k+. We however do have solutions for external hot water shows.  For toilets we recommend a simple in cassette toilet that are easy to store, dump, and very inexpensive. There is very little room in these vans if you have passengers so these solutions are great for weekender style builds.

basic interior.jpg

Small Title

fuse panel.jpg
Modular L Track.jpg
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