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High Roof Sprinter Family Weekender Build

2WD or 4WD

Here is a great example of a deluxe simple build out that can seat five and sleep two full size adults and two people/kids under 5 9" with storage under the beds. We started with a high roof 144" 4wd Crew Sprinter.

This is a perfect example of keeping a build simple, adding a huge amount of utility and comfort, eye candy elements, and functionality keeping the total cost around $25k.  Can be well under 15k depending on options. Your ROI on this type of build is excellent. This is a great example of not overspending on your build and maximizing the functionality.

Seats 5

Dining area with removable table

Sleeps 4 (2 adults + 2 smaller people)

Storage below beds so you don't have to move gear to sleep

Cool with fan, windows, and insulation

Super quite -just like a luxury car

Eye candy to make the van stand out


Maxx Air Fan

Upgraded 225ah Battery Bank

Fuse Panel

Three panel high bed

BFG Tires upgrade

Black out Dip'd Wheels

Decked Drawers/lower bed

Insulation and Sound Dampenng

Front and Rear Speaker upgrade

Cardiff Campervan Lagun Table Mount

Swivel Seats

Vented Windows in factory locations

Added smaller rear windows

Rear upholstered panels

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