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What we don't do
We build simple weekender style of builds and are often asked to build vans vans that are more complex than what what a typical weekender build would have in it. Its not that we can't build more of an "RV" type van due to our reputation of building quality, functional, smart vans that are on budget and on time.  The fully built vans are just not something we specialize in, many other builders to a great job of what we refer to as fully built vans that include bathrooms, microwaves, fixed cabinets, fully integrated hot water systems...this is why those builds range from $40,000-100,000.  They are complex, require a lot of customization, and take between 1-4 months to builds vs our builds are typically between 16-30k and take two to three weeks.
Services we don't offer:
Integrated Hot Water (systems that run off your gas tank)
Enclosed Bathrooms
Inside Showers
Kitchenettes with electric hot plates
Hot Water Showers (see our hot water section; hot water with propane we can do)
Under mount Propane tanks
Gasoline Heaters (we do diesel heaters only)
Crash Tested Seating mounts in Cargo vans that are DOT approved
Transit Cargo van builds (We do some work on Crews and Passenger Vans only)
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