Kitchenette and Sinks
Modular Plug and Play
 Finding no good plug and play campervan sinks we have searched far and wide for a solution that requires minimal installation for a DIYer  We found it. These kitchenettes and sinks are ultra compact, ultra light, designed to be bolted in floor- all in one. Will fit just about anywhere.  No plumbing, no assembly, no finding parts to put them together. PLUG AND PLAY. FITS ANYWHERE. Ideal as well for micro vans (Metris, Transit Connect, Promaster City, Nissan NV200) or any with tight space.  . Shipping available at extra cost.
kitchette top.jpg
kitchette with table.jpg
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kitchenette closed.jpg

Kitchenette with burner shown with optional accessory table

Super compact all in one.  Use a 1lb or 5 lb propane bottle for fuel source and a 12v source for the sink pump. Water is held in 10L bottles for clean and grey water. Bolts to floor.

Sink dimensions ~28" high X 12" deep x 24" wide

Kitchenette with burner $1900* (table not included)

Kitchenette dimensions ~27" high X 16" deep x 29" wide


*packaging/oversized shipping/insurance/packaging fees ($375 flat fee)

Large accessory table extra ($225 + shipping)

All sales final, sorry no returns.


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                                                       small table not included

Compact Sink

Super ultra compact sink will fit anywhere and has a small work table. Only a 12v source is needed and bolts to the floor. 6 liter water bottles or hook up to larger system. Larger 10 liter water bottles  for clean and grey water.  Right hand sink only available with table cleat.

 Sink only $1600 

Sink dimensions ~27" high X 12" deep x 24" wide

*packaging, shipping charges, insurance ($300 flat fee), and  accessory table extra. All sales final.