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Here is an example of a recent basic camper build on a high roof ProMaster. This can be duplicated on a Sprinter, Ford Transit, Chevy, or ProMaster van. It is a perfect example of what you need to have a really good basic camper. Need a little more? Add a cabinet, solar, and some additional seating and you have a versatile camping machine.

What does something like this cost? If you start with a totally bare van. We begin by adding in insulation and soundproofing to make it car-like inside. We then finish the interior with custom wall panels, door and window upholstery, a remote fan, CRL vented windows, LED lighting, a custom three-panel bed with cubbies, flooring, and a custom mattress. Dual isolated AGM batteries keep their fridge and basic electronics running all day long. Lastly, we dipped the wheels to give it a custom look.  The build costs around $15,000 for something similar and can be done in two-to-four weeks.  If you already have flooring, wall panels, or auxiliary battery your costs can be greatly reduced.

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