Window Coverings
Need window coverings?  We highly recommend our friend Simon Bee at 
High Quality, Reasonable Turn Around Time, Super Functional

  • Rolls up in place! No need to find storage space when not in use (except front window and vent cover)R

  •  Mounts magnetically (no drilling into doors)

  •  Uses even thicker Low-E insulation inside than other companies (higher R-value, mold & mildew resistant, double aluminum faced, very durable)

  •  UV resistant thread

  •  Durable and water repellent sail cloth/rip-stop nylon exterior fabric (same as other major conversion companies)

  •  Slider door shades compatible with both OEM windows and CR Laurence T-Vent windows

  •  Partition rolls up to allow for swivels and have magnets along bottom to stick to seat bases when closed.  Double sided zipper for dual entry/closure.  1" Velcro sewn across top of partition.  Shelf-side Velcro not included.


All shades are hand made in Portland, made to order.  


Phone: 503.766.2239

Direct factory bolt in to factory floor cups. No modifications needed. Crash tested seats and mounts

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Captains Seats Sprinter8.JPG
Captains Seats Sprinter7.JPG
Captains Seats Sprinter9.JPG