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2021 4wd Sprinter Weekender Crew Van
(Van is completed)

This demo van is finished, seats up to 8  and sleeps 4 WITH gear with out a Pop Top.  Modular, flexible, reconfigurable to any type of van use from passenger, empty cargo van, to fully self contained van. Completely built out with no features/modifications ignored. There are a lot of vans built out similar to this, but they just don't work well with no storage or modularity. You are cramped, no flexibility in seating, no storage, and not really modular.  Most vans lack practical storage space if you have a family, and the reality is you use it more as a weekender and people hauler more than a camper van. Check out the build details. Over 50k in modifications! Super low miles (under 13k) Still under factory warranty till 2023.

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