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Removable Rear Beds

  • Three-panel design allows easy removal of bed panels so you can load large objects in between cubbies.

  • Bed height can be customized so that you can fit your gear underneath, eliminating the need to move all your stuff around to sleep.

  • Cubbies  or non cubbies maximize storage space.

  • 3" custom mattress available in same three-panel design with microfiber washable covers.

  • Covered in heather gray trunk liner material for durability.

  • The cost, complete with mattress, ranges from  $3200-4200 with cubbies, depending on design, options, and van.

  • We do what a lot of builders can't, find solution around factory plastic panels in the Ford Passenger Van Transits. 



Sprinter, no cubbies
MB Sprinter Bed with Cubbies
Ram Promaster with cubbies

Ford Transit Passenger LB van with a Cubby Bed. Convert your passenger van into a camper. We can work around those difficult plastic panels and even get your 3rd row seats to work. Limited to 21.5 inches height and get you a 6 2" bed! 

Adjustable height bed installed in a high roof Sprinter.
Simple three-panel bed in 2006 Sprinter with no cubbies. Wood panels used to keep costs down with custom mattress. Panels are easily removable. This can be built for any height. $2800-$3200, including mattress installed.
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