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High Roof Sprinter  Passenger Van Basic Build

Transform you passenger van into a camper while keeping all of your seating options available. 

What do you do when you start with a passenger van? Here is a great example of a deluxe simple build out.


We start with a MOAB bed - this adjustable bed will work with a passenger van where you need to adjust height to clear seats as well as work with very limited space on the sides of the seats for bed mounts.  We  then added a fan, solar, LED lighting, Max Air Fan, upgraded battery bank for more power, upgraded speakers, and installed sound and insulation featuring 3M Thinsulate auto insulation.  Lastly  added seat swivels, and our exclusive Lagun Table mount so you have seating and food prep area. 

The seat swivels allow for more seating flexibility, along with the LED lighting and table you now have a hang out area day or night. Solar and upgraded AGM batteries allow for plenty of power for a portable fridge and electronic gadgets.

A ladder in the rear allow access to the roof when needed. Dual fans provide ventilation since there are no ventilated windows. (these can be added however)  All of this for under $16,000.  


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