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Cardiff Campervan Most Popular
Weekender Packages*

*A lot of things affect costs, we don't take shortcuts in our work and glad to explain detailed costs. Like anything you generally pay for what you get. Quality work requires using the right materials, doing the work properly, purchasing product from authorized sellers, (so you have a product warranty) and most importantly backing up the work that was done.  We certainly have seen our share of "cheap" quality work which is done generally at a cheap price and often times it turns out very poorly for the van owner with things that don't work, lack of support, and overall poor experience. Its the reason we got in building vans in the first place. Its very difficult to find a great van builder that specializes in the types of vans we do with the knowledge we have. 250+ vans, 20+ personally owned vans you tend to learn a few things about what works and what doesn't. 

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