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Larger Tire Mod for VS30 Sprinter Vans

Updated: May 11, 2021

Want to fit larger tires on your 2WD or 4WD 2019+ Van? You need to open up the fender well so your tires fit. We recommend for 4WD nothing larger than 275/70/17 or 2WD 265/75/16 this this modification. If you of road a lot or spend time in snow then 265/70/17 for 4WD is recommended to give you extra room for debris. You do not need to open up the rear fender well to run these sizes but if you want extra space we recommend doing the rear fenderwell. You gain between 1-1.5" compared to stock. We don't use fender replacements, we prefer to modify your current wheel well openings, its a cleaner look, maintains OEM look, requires no painting, and its less expensive. Our preference is the Van Compass Fender Kit.

4WD with 265/70/17 tires and Black Rhino 17" Rims, this is the largest tire size we recommend

4WD 265/75/16 Stock OEM Alloy wheel. We recommend this size ina 16" or 17" rim for those who spend a lot of time in snow or do off roading...the the extra clearance can be very helpful. Its also the larges size that will still fit in your spare tire cage under the van.

265/75/16 rear

265/75/16 front

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