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"Is the Ultimate Modular Daily Driver Campervan the Best Choice for Your Family Adventure?"

Updated: May 25

We have built lots of demo vans in the past all of them built with a specific purpose. We thought we would build a van that is similar to our past builds, but take it up a few levels and introduce new technology to really build to this date the best possible modular build for a family that would fit a family, sleep them comfortably, seat them comfortably, be super flexible in design, and grow with them as the family grows both in numbers and size. :)

Why a Crew Van Trim?

Safety, it has features for safety not on a cargo van like a crash bar in the slider door. Comfort, only the crew or passenger van has a heater duct for the rear. Cost, a crew van has some trim that is not available with a cargo van which makes the build less expensive and easier to do saving money on the build. An added benefit its "turn key" even if you don't build a van, already has seats, most of the walls, and a headliner. Expect to pay into the mid $80-90k range for this type of van today at the dealer. An advantage of 2022 and newer models with the 4 cyl engine and new transmission are they are officially approved for B20 Bio Diesel fuel use all the time. In some markets like California that is super important as 70% of the diesel is B20.


Make the seating flexible to fit 2-8, sleep up to 6 full size adults, enable 4 season camping for all temperature conditions, desert to the snow in the mountains. Flexible enough to make it fully self contained for BLM camping or when facilities are not available.


This build is special, we wanted to provide the ultimate seating solution- captains chairs to fold down bench seat that would make another full size bed. The Smart Floor we designed has special custom track spacing to fit the new Bench Seat or individual chairs. You can ad swivels to seats to do unlimited seating layouts and with 4 different seat options available for Smart Floors you have unlimited options. We set up this van for captains chairs on either side or down the center the new slidable bench seat to seat/sleep even more if that layout is preferred.

Example of how flexible the floor can be, click on button above for more info.

Smart Floor is a modular aluminum floor that is custom made and DOT approved. L Track is milled into the flooring. Trim and flooring as well have to be put on to finish the floor. In this particular van we even added insulation into the channels.

Why a Pop Top

Most builds don't fit people and gear. Every load a van with all of your stuff for your family and seat 4 or just doesn't fit well if at all. The instagram and Etsy photos never show vans with people and have to move half of your stuff just to go to sleep. The idea of having a campervan is to make your life more comfortable, eliminate camp set up, and allow you to hang out inside when conditions out side are not comfortable. You really can't do this with out a pop top. A Pop and rear platform bed gives you two places FULL SIZE adults can sleep in very comfortably without moving any gear. Isn't that the purpose of the van to begin with? This pop top has many ugrades, booster lift struts, paint match, artic insulation package, mounting rails, Maxx Air Fan, solar panels, Fiamma Awning, and a custom Halo Rack system that protects the top and allows a more secure mount for the Awning. (looks good as well)

Your van look like this? Where to do you sleep?

The area above inside looks like this, access from inside so you are out of the weather, climbing up a ladder to a tent on top of your van when it raining and dark is not ideal nor comfortable

True 4 season Camping

We wanted to build a van that can handle a wider range of temperatures. A fan vent is a must have to move hot air out of the van so you an sleep and is usually is more than enough when it s warm, but not hot. The Espar D2L heater we used in this build with a high altitude sensor (not available with other brands) allow you to be very warm and dry in colder conditions. It only uses a quart of fuel to run all night. However there are times when we have been traveling and its 90 degrees at 10 can get a bit uncomfortable. :) So we added an AC unit on top the Pop Top...super unusual. The top has to be reinforced to handle the extra weight and AC units use HUGE amounts of power. To balance this out we not only put a state of the art power system to power it, but also put in a high end 48v AC that uses the least amount of power to cool the van down, specifically a Nomadic 48v gen technology using 1/2 the power of most AC units. Its super light, compact, and because its 48v...super efficient. This will be able the AC to run as long as possible. If using for long periods there is even a shore power hook up built in the electrical system.

Nomadic 48v X3- next gen AC

There is a lot on this roof...super tricky, Zamp Solar Panels, Starlink, Maxx Air Fan, and Roof AC!

Heater is under passenger seat, easy access for service and out of the way in the van keep it free for gear storage

Power System

You don't need a large power system if you are just running a fan, heater, fridge, and DC outlets for phone or a laptop. When you add AC, its a totally different story or if you want to run large power items like hot plates, microwaves, hair dryers, e bike charging, and coffee makers as well. AC however like your home can greatly affect power needed to run it, even for a day or two. In this van we decided to install the new ECO FLOW 48v MODULAR van/RV specific 10kw system. (~833ah) This is more than enough power to run the AC for a few days and meet all of the other power needs. Having solar helps replace some of the electricity used (not all of it) and having alternator charging and shore power you will have many other ways to charge the huge battery bank. 48v makes it super efficient. Plug and play modular power system makes it super easy to service. This really is next level power system to meet the demands especially for the AC. You also have a shore power hookup for unlimited run time of the AC as well.

Ecoflow modular power system. Clean, modular, and takes up minimal space.

Make the Van Quiet and cool/warm

We take care to make our vans quieter, warmer, and cooler by extensively insulating and sound deadening the van. (yes you need both to get maximum result). This van we did all walls, doors, and even the floor. This van is as quiet as my wifes Honda Pilot and factory AC and heater work much better when we do this. Its an insane difference.

Ultralight sound deadening in slider before we put insulation over that.

Insulation and sound deadening mid process. We like using Dynamat and 3M Thinsulate, these are premium materials. They cost a bit more, but the end result is superior. This is a photo where we are mid way in the process and doing electrical work.

Increased Stability and performance

This van we installed an Agile Offroad RIP kit, this isn't just some shocks, this is a complete suspension upgrade including rear springs and front struts. This greatly reduces roll and sway off road and with high winds. It drives like a totally different van. In addition we also did a drive shaft upgrade that eliminates the possibility of the front drive shaft pulling out.

Up Graded Wheels

Black Rhino 17" wheels and 265/70/17 BFG Tire size is used to get maximum clearance for debris and snow. We find this is a very functional upgrade and of course it looks great. You can go larger, but you loose functionality reducing clearance. You do have to modify the fenders to fit these tires/wheels. We also unlike other vans modify the rear and gain an inch of clearance, a regular "fender kit" does not does not this.

You just can't bolt these on. Fender mod is needed.

Outside Shower

We added a 25 gallon water tank and an outside shower. Great to rinse of dirt, bikes, or carry extra water.


Biggest problem in a van or even a home is storage for gear. We really addressed this issue with a ton of storage, all removable. The semi rigid Van Essentials storage cabinets are semi rigid and have tons of pockets outside and even have a shelf. They are much larger than wood cabinets and you won't cut your head when you bump into them. We even added additional rail to mount even more removable storage under the bed. This still leaves your floor open for other large gear. Not only does this van have a crazy amount of internal storage we even put more outside with large aluminum boxes - great for dirty stuff, propane, or other items not wanted in your van.

Inside modular Storage

Rear Outside Storage

Additional Removable Storage under bed, still keeping floor clear!

Front Dinette

Instead of putting a dinette in back where your gear would fully bury it, we put swivels in front and a lagun table so that you can quickly have a place to hand out, eat, play board games, or even make a cooking area.

Example of what additional seats can do

Modular Bed, removable bed

We used the Adventure Wagon MOAB bed and a super deluxe mattress. Almost King size, this system removes in seconds, fully height adjustable and stackable system. Its very light weight and the three panels allow for increased flexibility in interior layout options. It really is the "Mother Of All Beds". We feel for this type of bed its one of the best for a modular build.

MOAB Bed without mattress

Van totally empties to a cargo van quickly

Extended Travel Range

A XL water tank and 41 gallon gas tank allows for extended travels

Modular Interior

This van with modular seating allows you to set up the van in different configurations as needed. Components such as a compact sink (not inc), fridge, or cassette toilet can be place anywhere in the van to dial the van for any travel situation. The 144" is tight, but its a length that fits in a regular parking spot. The modular interior allows for maximum flexibility.

Example of how an interior can be set up with a sink and fridge.


We did not forget a great sound system for those long road trips. Not only did we relocate the XM radio antenna, we incorporated in the factory MBUX head unit a Kennwood 5 channel Class D amplifier, 10" subwoofer, added rear Kicker speakers, and upgraded the front door speakers Kicker speakers as well. The insulation and sound deadening make this all sound really nice, but not over powering. We hide everything to keep the interior clean. Even the subwoofer is designed to be family friendly, it can be moved around the van, stood on, kicked, and not be damaged. We don't put it under the front seat...that is a horrible idea for your passenger sitting on that seat.

Video Overview

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