You don't have to spend a fortune to get the campervan of your dreams. The most important part is to start with the right base (van), with the right options, and by adding a few key modifications. Cargo vans take a little more work. But if you start with a passenger van and just add a bed, or install a Colorado Campervan pop top, then you have a modern Westy that is more reliable, safer, and has more room.  Go to the next level and add a house battery and solar, and you have a simple independent campervan. 

Want a modern day Sprinter full size camper but don't have $100,000 to invest? Consider starting with a used late model Ram Promaster or Transit, for example. (You can pick these up for $20,000 or less used).  Add on a simple build and a few windows and you have a high-end base camper build for less than $30,000. There is no need to spend six figures for a modern day full size campervan that will have greater safety, fuel economy, and superior drivability over older Ford or Chevy vans.  Spend a little more and purchase a passenger model and just add a bed – instant camper and/or people transporter.


Core Build

Everything you need and MORE at a reasonable cost making your van fully functional

(Sprinter  High Roof Crew Trim Example; has seating already installed and most interior panels)

  • Upper rear quarter interior wall panels

  • Insulation and  sound proofing-walls, doors, roof

  • Three-panel rear bed with cubbies and mattress

  • Fully automatic Maxx air roof fan

  • House battery, 224ah AGM battery and fuse panel

  • 200 watt solar; never run out of power

  • 12V/USB Outlets

  • Interior LED lighting

  • Two CR Laurence vented windows

  • Cardiff Campervan lagun table system with front seat swivels


     ~$16,000 + price of van  

    *Two to three -week turn around 



  • 3 Panel Basic with mattress $2200

  • 3 Panel with simple cubbies and mattress $2800

  • 3 Panel above 30" with mattress $3000

  • 3 Panel above 30" with cubbies and shelf, mattress $3600

  • MOAB Bed - install $500 + bed cost (these can be self installed; free instruction advice with purchase)

Consulting Services

Have questions and don't know where to start? We offer free initial consultation to answer some of your basic questions for your potential build. Beyond that we offer services for locating a van to be built, locating an already built van, as well as basic technical advice on product selection for an hourly fee taking advantage of our expertise in helping you with your research.   You an spend hundreds of hours trying to break down the basics, we can reduce much of this research down to a fraction of that time focusing you in the right direction.