The Basics

Beds, vented windows, heaters, solar, batteries, flooring, van tables, van dinettes.

Removable beds with garage space, flexible, modular, semi rigid upper storage

All of our configurations are modular in nature allowing for maximum flexibility. 

Read about our demo van builds, Campervan build examples, and helpful tips.

Answers to our most asked questions saving you lots of research time and effort.





Weekender Style Van conversions, from simple modifications to complete builds, built to the highest quality with one-on-one personal service.


Build simple vans that are highly functional at 60% -80% of the cost  of other professional builders by focusing on smart choices that give you the best ROI by focusing on quality and functionality on Weekender style builds. We don't make you buy stuff you don't need to do your build or get the functionality.


Functional and efficient with the features of a high end build at a reasonable cost without  compromising quality, safety, and functionality.  Check out our reviews.  Initial consultation is free.


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Encinitas CA
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*Due to very high demand for our services currently custom COMPLETE build slots are open starting ~Mar 2022  We do have limited windows open monthly for smaller jobs that are one/two days to complete, such as battery systems (in hood), solar, table systems, swivel seats, simple beds, fender mod for larger tires, fans, diesel heaters, and vented windows. All jobs must be scheduled in advance and deposits are required to get on calendar.

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