Hot Water with your water tank

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We don't provide hot water systems however hooking up a gas powered instant hot water heater is simple. Many different brands are available, but we like Joocla as one great example. We use Hot Tap V2 set up as an example below. Since you have water pressure already from your tank in our systems you can use the set up w/o the joocla pump or if you want to use their system buying one with a pump can be useful to use water from a creek or lake as well. These type of water systems run similar to instant hot water heater in your home. See your manufacture for specifications and performance expectations.

You will need: (for our cold water systems)

Connections are simple, only 3.

  • Water IN from tank to Heater

  • Water out to hose that comes with your Hot Water System

  • Gas tank adapter hose for your Ignik

Adapters that may or may not be needed depending on your tank set up. We need these if we use the Colder quick connect

Connections to hot water heater

Simple set up below, you can hang or mount your hot water heater and propane bottle as you see needed with your particular build.

Adapter for hose connection to water tank, your application may vary depending on your water outlet connection from your tank. Pressure is generated from your pump that you already have in place for your cold water.

Photo Mounted on door, we used the special wall mount this manufactures sells. You need to make a mounting board if you have a factory passenger or crew rear plastic panel to deal with the contours as shown. Super easy to mount it up.

Here is a photo of it all plumbed up. Gas line, input water line, and shower head. Takes 30 seconds to set up.

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