Need a Table?
With no good solutions for eating in a Sprinter Passenger or Crew van with factory 2nd row seat I worked on the ultimate solution for adding a table for eating and hanging out in a van with a factory 2nd row bench seat. This table unlike a pedestal mount requires no holes in your van and swings out of the way to allow you to move in/out of the van. Allows table to  easily stow away quickly when not in use.  This custom mount turns any van into a perfect place to sit down, enjoy a meal, or play a game and enjoy the view. The mount is custom designed built out of steel and easily mounted with four bolts. Only 4 holes are required for mounting. If you have a drill, and a wrench you can install it. Mounts with self-tapping bolts that you screw into a pre-drilled 1/8 -5/32 hole.  We figured out all the engineering to offer a perfect solution if you don't have a welder, cutting wheel, and 8-10 hours of fabrication time. Add swivel seats and you have a totally dialed in dinette hang out area without moving any of your gear around with a view out the side and the back!
$230 (2012-2018)
$230 (2019+)
(sales tax and shipping $268)
Adapter Plate Mount Only
Allows you to mount a Lagun mount to your van, table and mount can be ordered through Marine Teak UK  for best price and fast delivery. We recommend medium table. (19 x 30")
Need a complete system installed? Swivels and table? This can be done in one day for about $1650.  Two seat swivels, Lagun Adaptor, Lagun mount, and a medium Teak Table transforming your front space in a hang out dinette area. For OEM passenger or Crew Van configurations with factory seat positions.