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Super Basic Sprinter Build

This customer wanted to keep costs down, camp with the family, add some luxury, and lay the foundation for future modifications. In order to keep costs down, we started with a low roof Sprinter Crew van that has built-in factory seating and basic interior; we kept mods at a minimum to create a turnkey camper and transporter.

​We built a custom three-panel removable bed with mattress, and added 225 amp AGM batteries for their auxiliary accessories and 12v fridge.  Automatically, they can sleep two adults and a few small children, with future plans to add a CCV pop top, so they have room to grow. The bed allows them to store all their gear underneath and keep the floors open for additional sleeping space for the small kids.

Cost:  $5,000. Add a few vented widows and a fan and you have a complete camper/small family transporter.

​The focus of this build was the Cardiff Camper way – keep it simple, build it right, and keep the van as flexible as possible for real life use as a daily driver and gear Home Depot hauler.

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