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Best 2020 Sprinter 2500 Crew Van Deluxe Weekender for Sale $95,000 (used van)

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The main drawback with most builds for families is that the build might look great on Instagram, but it just isn't practical for daily family use. Lack of storage, seating, and flexibility isn't there. These vans are an expensive investment, they need to be able to work like a truck, transport people like a passenger van, and switch to a campervan that can if need be be fully self contained. This van has the ability to do all of that. The modular interior allows it to be used in almost any circumstance.

With under 15,000 miles this van is near new and well equipped with comfort, premium comfort, convenience, and towing packages. 360 Degree camera and lane assist keep you in full control of this van. Crew seating means that the seating is factory safe and crash tested as well as a rear heater duct not available on a cargo van nor the crash bar in the sliding door. This van was designed to be modular, seat up to 8 with additional seats, and be able to run a fridge, charge electronics, 28 gallon water tank and outside shower, and an Espar Heater to keep you warm on those cold nights. It even has custom flooring and floor mats to help it keep clean with all the kids. Nothing was left out from this build! The highly desirable 6cyl diesel engine gets you really great gas mileage and plenty of power with its 7 speed transmission. This build was done by us just over a year ago. The owner decided that he wasn't using the van very much and it was time to move on. We purchased it back from the previous owner and went over the entire van to make sure all systems are running perfectly and added additional modifications so that nothing was missing in this van from a functional standpoint for any type of use. . Having almost no use on it, everything was in very good shape, almost brand new. One of the cleanest used vans we have ever seen. Had a service done, and have a few mods to update it a bit. This van is for sale saving tens of thousands off a build. It also comes with a 5 year/100k warranty (good till 2026) and prepaid 4year/40k service.


Van ~$71,500 ( $65kwith tax/lic/fees; go to MB website configure the build)

Build $54,795 (with all the mods we added on since we got the van, we have complete cost breakdown of build)


Its like a new van and factory warranty covers it like a new van:

BONUS: (This is over 2k from dealer)

5 YEAR 100K extended warranty till 2026

Pre-Paid Service 4 years or 40k miles. (First factory service has been done)

This build is a chance to purchase a like new completely built van saving over $30,000 vs purchasing new. Priced very reasonably considering what was done. A very large amount of work was done to this van with 160+ hours of build time put into it. Documentation is available on request for the cost breakdown.


Why this isn't just another build, its the features that make it count

Van Specs:

This van was loaded. If you spec'd out a van like this in 2023, it would be 70k easy out the door at MSRP (If you could even get one at that price)

Build Sheet from manufacture (spec it out online to see how much it costs)

To duplicate this build would be around $125k if you could find a van and months to get it scheduled and built. The parts alone in this build are over 30k, so basically at the price its selling for the labor is free.

OUTSIDE UPGRADES (There is a lot of them, a small fortune was spent on upgrading functionality on the outside)

All the goodies on the outside. The Aluminess side ladder and surf poles allows for easy access to the roof and the ability to carry a SUP or long surfboard on the side. Cleaning the solar panels and roof as well is easier

Aluminess side steps make getting in/out of the van easy and protect the sides from shopping carts. The Fiamma awning extends the living area of the van as well especially during hot sunny days. This van as well has screens both on the sliding door and back door along with a fan and vented windows giving maximum air flow in any conditions.

Rear door screen

The Owl B2 Carrier allows you to mount bikes, boxes, and other accessories to the passenger rear door. This is a very expensive upgrade like the awning and Aluminess Steps.

Example of what can be done with a B2 Carrier Rack- valuable extra storage capability with add ons. (illustration only with large box and bike rack not included)

B2 with a Recon bike rack and Owl Large box (another example)

Black Rhino 17" wheels with BFG KO2 tires. These can be swapped out with larger size as well. The front fender was modified to take up to a 265/70/17 tire easily, this van is equipped with a smaller tire that is more "stock" height.

The 200w solar panels keep your batteries charged along with the alternator allowing you to run fridge, heater, fans, and charge electronics even when not driving the van. The Maxx Air FAN has built in thermostat control as well as it moves 600 CFM of air inside or out. Can be open when driving or in the rain. Most importantly the van has well insulated and sound deadend walls and roof keep the interior much cooler on hot days and warmer on cold days. (see our blog on insulation for more details)

Factory Trailer hitch option also allows for towing or even a bike rack for the rear and includes 6 and 4 pin connectors. This van also even has a trailer hitch step to help get into and out of the back of the van.

Aux batteries are in the hood to leave more space inside for gear and people. These are fully isolated and because they are AGM deep cycle cold and heat do not affect charging capabilities. The 6cyl diesel engine as well gives you superior gas mileage and reliability compared to a gas engine. Very popular option on the 2WD vans. The 7 speed transmission moves the van quickly and smooth.

Vented and screened AMA slider windows on the sliding door and just behind the driver keep air flow on those hot days and the bugs out. Great for dogs as well as they fully open up.

The rear Van Compass suspension upgrade helps the tall van improves stability with an adjustable rear shock and spring pack as well. A very high end costly upgrade. You can add aux front shock in the future for even further ride stability if you want to stay stock height and greatly improve the ride as much as possibly with no lift. (van compass 3.1 kit spec)


Like we do with any of our customer builds we start with sound deadening and electrical work. We use Automotive specific 3M Thinsulate and Dynamat extreme. On this build walls, doors, and roof were done. Its a big difference. You can't keep your van cool in the summer and warm in the winter with out this being done. Its one of the most neglected areas of a build or if its done the doors are skipped. Read more about that in our link below.

Factory front door example - very little sound deadening and no insulation at all. Factory "insulation" package is a joke, just a few patches of foam. Don't be fooled it actually does anything with heat or cold.

Sound Deadening step 1 of 2, front door

l Track in this van allow for tons of storage options. The van includes 1 Adventure Wagon Mule bag. 2 more can be added. These semi-rigid storage cabinets are huge with lots of pockets and clips. They are soft so if you hit them with your head unlike a hard cabinet, you don't cut your head open. They have 2 x the storage of a regular hard cabinet and can be easily removed.

Example with 3 of them in a different van. You can also see the Adventure Wagon MOAB bed and deluxe mattress. These beds are very expensive but are the best adjustable height bed on the market. Removes very easily, light weight, and adjustable in height. 3 panels allows you to be able to run two rows of bench seats and still have a bed in back. You never have enough storage and this van addresses that need very well if you equip it with all the storage bags that can fit. (3 huge Mule Bags and 4 Campo Vans bags; these are all semi-rigid)

What is an Adventure Wagon Mule bag, why those vs a Cabinet?

Adventure Wagon Moab Bed, fully adjustable in height and length. Very easy to remove in seconds. To learn more click the link below. (old video, some features are not available such as bench feature or wall mount)

Here is a better photo of the L track set up in the van. The upper track is for mounting Mule Bags.

Ran L track in the lower section as well so you can store up to 4 Van Compass semi rigid bags that easily remove to carry like a duffel. This van includes 2 of these as shown but you could fit up to 4. This gets more stuff off the floor for increased sleeping areas or for more gear. Notice the nice floor and custom mats. Super expensive to make these.

Front swivel seats open up the van and with the Lagun table system you have a dinette area w/o moving any gear!

The Lagun table system included in this van. You can see with the swivel seats how nice this is. Very functional.

This interior is modular, here is an example of the type of layout possible.This set up is with a custom 2 person seat, fridge, and sink...all removable and modular

Van includes a full set of insulated custom magnetic window covers

The van is set up to hold up to two rows of seats. One row is included with the van. Custom mounting of factory OEM long seat rails (2 rows) into factory reinforced mounts have been done in this van. All OEM, all safe. You can also one run row and move that one back and still have a bed. These all use "factory" oem floor mounts for maximum safety. We call this configuration "soccer mom mode" :)

Upgrade audio. Stock speaker system is horrible, a very significant $2800 upgrade with a Class D amplifier, subwoofer, rear speaker add, and front speaker swap was done while keeping stock head unit place for a low profile upgrade. (security reasons and factory head unit is needed for van programming and cameras) The stock stereo is horrible until this mod is done a huge difference.

A heater was added as well. Espar D2L with pro controller has an high altitude adjustment up to 10,000 feet. Webasto brand does not have altitude control, most don't know that. There is a reason its cheaper. China heaters are just flat out dangerous. This brand is more expensive and was purchased though N. American distributor so that it does not have the knock off wiring harness or is 2nd hand defect refurbished units like what is from Heatso. This was fitted all under the passenger seat with the fuse box leaving all the room inside of the van open for gear.

Premium package gives you full control at the steering wheel. You also get fog lights as a bonus. Safety package is also part of the specs on this van.

Comfort + premium factory seats give you extra adjustment

Auto Lamp function

MBUX has a 360 camera. This also includes in this van XM radio ability and factory Navigation. Those are extra options.

Deluxe Mattress from Adventure wagon is also included, this is a very high end mattress that separates so you can use it with 1, 2, or 3 panel configuration.

8 each 12v DC cigarette lighter and usb outlets throughout the van to things like fridges, phones, bike pumps, and laptops

AUX LED lighting is all through the interior running off the aux battery so you don't drain your starter battery. In fact all the outlets run off the aux battery.

This van even has MB factory front rubber mats along with custom ones for the back.

Very low miles. All maintenance has been done as well. This van has two visit pre-paid service AND extended factory warranty contract worth $3600! Schedule A and Schedule B service.

What is missing? - really almost nothing.

Even has an outside water shower with a 28 gallon water tank in the spare tire location allowing for maximum ground clearance.

Just added on! VanMart Mule Rear Modular Tire Carrier.You can add a ladder extension to this or if you want to put the tire back into the stock tire carrier you can put a box or mounting plate instead from Van Mart. On the right you see the Owl B2 Carrier- ultimate flexibility for additional gear! You can mount bikes, boxes,ski's pretty much anything you want with these frame mounts. They are not cheap but really add to the carrying capacity of the van without a roof rack and ease of access at ground height.

We upgraded the removable factory bench seat in this van as well to a OEM reclining bench seat and of course mounted our lagun table system. This puts a dinette in front of the van...without the need to move any gear in the bed area to have a seating area with a table. You can see also the custom floor mats for BOTH rows of seats. Super nice custom touch.

This covers many of the key features of this van. What makes this different than the typical builds you see for sale?

  1. Professionally built with excellent photo graphic documentation so you know it was built correctly the first time. Many van might look good, but underneath the walls is is poor quality work, inferior materials, or lack of attention to detail

  2. Modular Interior- can be a cargo, passenger, or campervan. Gives you multi use as well as increases resale value as it can work for anyone

  3. Full factory warranty on the van and a 90 day warranty on any build parts

  4. Like new van at a price that is well below what it would cost to build new

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