​​Scheduling a build

I would like to schedule work or a build how does that work?

Typically we  have lead times from 6-12 weeks for most significant projects. Most builds take between 2-4 weeks. We go to great efforts to start you build on time, on budget as quoted, and finish as promised on the date promised.

What is required to get on the schedule?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required. This is to cover the parts we order in advance.

Will you reserve a build date?

No, sorry only with deposit for all work on estimate agree upon provided.

Can I supply parts?

Generally no with only a few exceptions. In order for us to finish you build on time and to be able to give the highest quality of service and support we supply all parts. We also use specific parts that we know are reliable and high quality based on our experience of what works and what doesn't. If you supply parts we may charge extra depending on the specifics. 

Do you provide financing?

No sorry, we do not provide financing and do not accept credit cards to keep costs down.